**Summer Sequins**…

I am loving the fact it is now acceptable to wear Sequins in Summer!!

As I am attracted to anything that glitters and sparkles (I am a total Magpie) this trend means that after Christmas I don’t have to hide all my lovely sequins dresses and accessories into the back of my winter wardrobe till Autumn Winter next year.

Just before Christmas I bought one..okay okay maybe two or three knitted jumpers with a slight sparkle and sequins in them,  a week after Christmas I was thinking, what have I done?? I am never going to get to wear these again till next year! Thankfully it has now become a TREND to wear sequins in summer.

Don’t you just love it when that happens.

Here are some ways to wear your lovely sequins pieces all year round…now go unleash your inner glitter magpie and get some sparkle into your life!!Sequins now an all year round wardrobe must have so you don’t have to feel guilty making the sparkle splash!!!

Demelza x

I bought a dress just like this before Christmas but it works really well as a summer dress now too!
happy girl!

I love when you can use an outfit especially something as pretty as this for a few occasions.
As sequins is so sparkly I think it is best to stick to gold, silver and maybe rose gold avoid loud garish colours such a red, blue and green sequins unless you want to look like your on the way to your Christmas party..it is acceptable to wear glitter and sequins in summer but it has to be worn right.I suggest that you try matching your glitzy pieces with long maxi skirts, shorts or just add a sequin blazer to a summer outfit for a touch of  summer sparkle.

Check out this next look.Silver Sequins dress accessorised with orange neon jewellery.
I love this look it incorporates siquins and neon..you cant go wrong!
Neon has been a big trend for the last two summers and what better way to use it than adding a touch of neon to your sparkly dress.
If you are not sold on too much neon, I know Penny’s have some necklaces and accessories with neon that are very affordable and won’t break the bank. Go for it give this look a try!
The neon immediatly transforms this dress from being Autumn/Winter looking to fresh and summery.
Neon and silver dress
Neon Accessories!! Adding neon accessories to your sparkly outfit tranforms it to a stylish on trend summery look! This is also a good way to incorporate neon into your summer wardrobe.

Bright nails!
Use bright nail varnish like the canary yellow below to add colour to your sequins outfit bringing you right into summer.
This dress looks beautiful and summery sitting out enjoying the nice weather (if it ever comes back),
ideal for a nice bbq, wedding or any excuse you can find to wear something sparkley!
This look is so pretty..definitely one of my favorites..I know I said don’t go for green but this mint green sequin blazer works so well with this lovely summery dress it would be rude not to go for it.I think the key to pulling this look off is keeping everything else really simple.The white dress works brilliantly, this is also a great idea to dress up a white dress sitting in the wardrobe and re work it to create this fantastic summer sequins look.
This look also works because it is quiet a relaxed look and nipped in perfectly at the wait with a skinny belt.I will definitely be trying this out.
Sequins and embellished skirt!
This lovely sequins skirt is heavily embellished with sequins and beads. It is teamed with a white t and a denim jacket making the sequins really relaxed looking, this skirt can be dressed up or dressed down which makes it really versatile and a summer and winter wardrobe must have.
It can take you from day into night.
This look is so pretty and girly team your sequins with a soft cotton shirt-fabulous!
Maybe it’s the pink hues and the pinkey rose gold skirt that has captured my attention.

Sequins top!
Again this top is very heavily embellished yet it is worn very relaxed looking with a pair of trousers adding sparkle to your day.
I definitely think the trick to getting away with wearing summer sequins is mixing it with relaxed items such a skirts white t and jersey maxi skirts.
sequins top
A sequins maxi skirt…I am in love!Imagine walking along a beach or out for an evening in this-DIVINE!
Everyone should have a skirt like this even if its just to dress up in your bed room all alone and imagine wearing it somewhere. This look again is teamed with a basic t-shirt for a more relaxed look. 
For me = perfection!

Sequins shorts!
This is a great look, I love how relaxed yet dressy it is. Who would of thought you could wear sequin shorts in the middle of summer and they would look so AMAZING!!I love this look..or maybe I just love glitter and sequins.One thing I do know is I want this outfit. It is so easy to do, just add a white shirt,pearl necklace to sequins shorts and TA DAH your looking amazing.

PINK..and they are pink and glittery! I need these in my life. In LOVE!

Add some sparkle to your eyes..if you don’t fancy wearing sequins or embellishments maybe just add a touch of glitter to your eyes instead.

Finally I leave you with the ultimate in SEQUINS.. the floor length gown!
this needs no comment..
However I don’t think I will go walking into the sea with it.
For more ideas on how to wear sequins for summer please check out my pinterest page Sequins!
Please share if you have any other suggestions or want to share how you wear summer sparkle.

Love Demelza x

and remember….

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