Zara Shoes…

I speak shoe!!!

Zara shoes
Ladies...I have got to tell you about my amazing Zara turquoise shoes!!!
These have been my best buy this summer to date…and believe me I buy a lot so its great that I actually have gotten to wear these shoes and they did not get bundled up into the back of my wardrobe like so many of my other purchases.
You can buy these shoes on line or in a Zara near you,
they are also available in black. They are made of suede fabric with a beautiful strap detailing from the foot up to the ankle.These Zara beauties are really sleek and elegant with a gorgeous heel that comes up past your ankle very sexy indeed and they make your feet feel sexy in them!!!
They are actually really comfortable too and because of the straps across your foot they are very easy to walk in and your foot feels very secure in them…allowing you to strut your stuff with confidence!!!
They tie with a buckle at the ankle and they are now on sale!!! happy girl
Zara Otoño Invierno 2013 #Shoes #JockeyPlaza #HighHeels #Colors #Green
Zara Shoes
 So it happened like any other shopping trip slash non shopping trip if my boyfriend asks. I walked through the doors of Zara knowing I shouldn’t because I knew what was in store….it had happened to me many times before… I really should know better at this stage…THERE THEY WERE CALLING TO ME…BUY ME DEMELZA BUY ME!!
Okay Okay so I know shoes don’t really talk to you, but seriously if these shoes could talk that’s what they would said..HONESTLY!!!I’m seriously gifted to be able to speak shoe.
So I did I made the impulse buy this is how it happened…
Demelza sees shoes…
Demelza tries on shoes…
Demelza realizes they are the only pair left in her size…Bam sold.
I was so Carrie in Sex in the City!!! except her shoes are Louboutin and mine are Zara..anyone else see the difference???
Zara shoes
If I tell the truth I had seen them on a few previous shopping trips but it took me a while to come around to liking them,
normally I wouldn’t go for anything the ties at the ankle.I am unfortunately challenged in the height department therefore I never choose anything that has a strap at the ankle.A shoe that ties at the ankle would normally shorten your leg therefore you have to choose something shorter to wear them with or a full length gown to compensate for cutting your leg off at the ankle. Making myself look shorter is not the desired effect that I am going for..I hope to put on a pair of shoes and suddenly my legs are as long as Cara Delevingne.
So after a short deliberation I convinced myself they would be gone if I walked out of the shop and came back another day even though the good angel on my shoulder said Demelza you don’t need another pair of shoes…the bad angel on the other just kept saying buy them they are amazing. I’m sure anyone who is a crazed shopaholic like myself can relate to this experience.
In this case I am really happy that the bad angel won out because I wore them out on a hen weekend in Carlingford Co Louth(which is amazing by the way go there!) lately and they were so comfortable.I even had my flip flops in my handbag because they were new shoes and I wouldn’t normally wear something so high. I was convinced within an hour I would be hopping from one foot to the next and it would ruin my night. I was pleasantly surprised when instead I was able to dance the entire night away with out any pain at all and I never even needed to change into my flats.Result!!!
Even the next day the shoes were still in perfect condition…I always hate waking up and finding I’ve ruined my dress and shoes on the previous night out especially as it is so easy to scuff your shoes when dancing the night away and because they are a bright colour it is very easy to see any black marks or scrapes.
I really recommend these shoes I love the green turquoise shade and they are also available in black..happy days.
I haven’t purchased the black ones yet as they have now gone into sale and I haven’t been able to get them in my size but I hope I will find them in a Zara somewhere waiting there just for me calling to me.
Way to wear idea… style shoes up with jeans and a blazer for a more casual relaxed look
This season turquoise, green and blue are really strong for summer and maybe because of the good weather lately I have been inspired to embrace colour and be more daring with my shoes and accessories, they are a great way to revamp an old piece from your wardrobe or to go with something new. The turquoise green shade of these shoes is really on trend this summer and I have noticed a few bloggers wearing them too.
Let me know your thoughts on these Zara shoes I hope I have inspired you to take a step out of your shoe comfort zone and be a little dangerous with your shoe choices.
I will be following on from this blog with what I wore the shoe outfit blog post so stay tuned,
I will also do how to style your bright shoes blog post.
Check out my pinterest page with images on how to wear these shoes.
I will add more images to this page if I come across any,
all images I used in this blog pot are on this page if you are looking for original sources.
Demelza x
Life, Love and the Pursuit of Shoes - Zara Strappy Sandals
style your shoes with a fab bright pink toe nail for an amazing contrast effect
I will defo be trying this!!!!
you can buy these shoes here…
Carolines Mode | Get The Look: Animal print skirt from Topshop // Snake skin shoes from Zara // Earrings from Edblad // Shirt from Monki // Floral clutch bag from Zara // Ring from Kum Kum
Style your shoes up with leopard…yes leopard look how good they work together who would of thought it!!!
Zara shoes

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