Gatsby good Hair day…

I always find it hard to curl my hair and for some reason this day it turned out just perfect.
Happy lady.
I accessorised my lace dress from H&M with one of my many lace headbands
and wore my pale peach blazer from A-wear.
Demelza x

Photo’s were taken in the Elms in Punchestown
when I was out for lunch with a friend.
The Elms stocks the most exquisite home decor items from furniture to candles.
I wanted everything!!!
The shop is decorated so beautifully with stock.
 As you walk around the store is broken up into rooms and decorated they way you wished your own home looked.
In the Elms there is the most gorgeous coffee shop where you can have a beautiful lunch,
and offers a wide variety of different items and of course dessert.
I will definitely be going back soon.

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