Check out the new IT bag!!!
Louis Vuitton’s the ”W” bag has gained cult celebrity status overnight.
Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker have been spotted out with there W bag sporting the signature Vuitton monogramming. 

The ”W” chic tote gets its name from the clean lines that create a ”W” like shape.
The high street versions I have found sports more contrasting colours and detailing,
while remaining clean chic and minimal in characterist.
go on get your ” W” bag now I know I will!!!
Demelza x

Michelle Williams the face of the new Louis Vuitton’s ”W” It Bag!!!
WOW, what an amazing #b/w #bag by #Michael #Kors
Here are some high street picks from Oasis…

Check out my pinterest page on the ”W” Bag…

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