Here are some ideas on how to wear the comic book fashion trend that is huge right now!!!

I hope you got to read my latest outfit post on the comic book fashion trend if not check it out (here).

The comic book trend has been coming and going over the years and is undoubtedly rooted in the 60’s pop art culture of Roy Lichtenstein and the famous Andy Warhol.

 I studied the pop art culture during my time in Art college studying for my degree in fashion design and the visual art movement(pop art)has always been a favorite period in history for me.Andy Warhol aesthetic is fun vibrant very loud,colourful and his use of repetition has been emulated down through the years.

We can now see this influence in street style/catwalk and it doesn’t show any signs of disappearing fast. Leggings/shoes/sunglasses/over-sized clutch bags and statement dresses-basically everything fashion related are sporting comic book inspired cations,colours and characters!!!

This is a fun fashion trend
check it out and maybe even give it a go?


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