In My Shoes… 
By Tamara Mellon

I recently received Tamara Mellon’s book in my shoes as a something to read on the plane present from a lovely friend of mine…

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to start reading this book until I landed in Australia. On the plane  I was too busy trying to watch all the movies I could that my boyfriend wouldn’t go see with me…

So when I arrived in Australia my boyfriend started readying Game Of Thrones and I took the opportunity to start ” In My Shoes”…

no no I won’t ruin it for you here is a brief overview of my thoughts on ”In My Shoes”…

In My Shoes is the perfect title because it does exactly that,
it is a memoir of Tamara Mellon’s life in her shoes…from  school dropout to rehab graduate and her life with an abusive alcoholic mother.
I was strangely surprised how gripping and down right honest Tamara’s story is…
Tamara bares her soul in this book and doesn’t shy away from admitting her drug habit and out of control lifestyle behavior that leads to her co-founding Jimmy Choo.

In reality let’s be frank Jimmy Choo was Tamara’s brainchild and with the help of her father brought it through to realisation to make a global success of the company.

This book is by no means plain sailing and time and time again Tamara manages to overcome set backs in her role with Jimmy Choo, personal life and with her family
At some point in the book you think….my god will Someone”cut this girl some slack”…and you nearly want to scream and say ”god leave her alone she has been through enough”.

I suggest every woman interested in opening up a business read this book.Tamara’s story is a huge eye opener into the world of business and is nearly a what not to do guide!
However extremely useful in breaking down the world of business jargon into simplistic forms.

Tamara stresses the importance of having people you can trust in business that have your best interests at heart,always read the fine print and follow your instinct.
I found this book to be inspiring gripping and very insightful into what you can achieve no matter what life throws at you.

The book particularly spoke to me because it hones in on Tamara’s relationship with her father and how she wanted to succeed for him.

After exiting Jimmy Choo in 2011 Tamara is releasing a new namesake line, I cannot wait to see what this women has up here sleeve as she is making fashion more accessible and available.

I would definitely suggest this book as a stocking filler for any fashionable ladies out there or simply the shoe obsessed.
This  book is a nice size for reading as you don’t need a magnifying glass or see each word.

Has anyone else read ‘In My Shoes’???
Let me know your thoughts,
Demelza x

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