Chic elegant and above all effortlessly classic…
The pointy toe shoe

Looks more on trend now that it did years ago…
Shoes have gotten so unique in styles shapes textures and with the rise of street style it’s nearly now the snaps of people everyday wearing clothes that’s makes something a trend than the big fashion houses,
it is these images that have driven the rise of my coveted pointy toe shoe.

My love affair with the point toe shoe started many years back when I was told “a pointy toe elongates the appearance of your legs”. Being five foot nothing okay maybe 5.1 on a good day…after lots of sleep and if you measured me first thing in the morning I took this information on board as gospel. A pointy toe shoe has since been my footwear of choice….all through my teenage years and into my early twenties I had a pointy toe in staple colours, black, white silver and gold! Silver and gold were mainly my going out for the night shoe because they were slightly more dressy.

I loved to look at my feet and think yes I do look that bit taller in theses shoes.
Then to my horror….the pointy toe shoe was edged out of fashion and in its demise came the platform and a blunt round toe.A blunt toe of course makes you look small and frumpy and stops the pre-mentioned “elongated effect” I desired.
In general for the last say 3-5 years the appearance of shoes has changed dramatically with more chunky shoes coming to the fore of footwear.
So like the good fashi-a-holic I am I too changed with the trends and actually started to embrace all types of footwear, the wedge being my most frequent shoe of choice.

But I road out the tide and I have come to the other side and now the pointy toe shoe is back at its rightful place as the main shoe on trend….but this time it’s even better, the pointy toe with its sleek physique and elegant shape is being reinvented in every colour and style!!!
I don’t have to run out just yet and stock up on my old reliables because like the good fashion hoarder that I am I kept some of my classic points from my youth and they are just as good as new. Nearly as good as new…vintage at this stage.

So was I wrong to keep my pointy’s hidden away in the attic all these years?
I think not I’m secretly thrilled and delighted that my reluctance to trow anything away is slowly starting to pay off.
So I would just like to say a special thank you to the fashion gods out there that decided as trends go to bring back the pointy toe shoe and make me and my feet a very happy lady.

On another shoe note I have just finished reading ” In my shoes” by Tamara Mellon and co founder of Jimmy Choo…my lovely friend Sarah gave it to me before leaving as a something to read on the plane gift and I loved it…I’m thinking of doing a blogpost of it next…who would like to hear about Tamara’s amazing world of shoes.
Until next time 
Love Demelza x

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