Be my Valentine…

My Valentines Wishlist…

Like it or loath it…

It is that rosemantic time of year again when we go all  mushy, lovey dovey

and the world is viewed with an extra layer of rose tinted glasses..

dare I mention the word Valentines!


Are you like me and always leave it till the last minute to pick up a card for your Valentine?

However I have spent an abundance of time musing over what I would like for Valentines..

Or should I say what pink girly lovely pretty things I would like for Valentines.

And totally out of character for me! Right?


I truly do believe contray to my Wishlist here that it’s the thought that counts…

Valentines is a lovely way to treasure your better half but some people are totally against Valentines not me I happen to love Valentines..

So back to the thought that counts..

One year my boyfriend wrote I love you in tea lights in my room

and I still think it was one of the most romantic thing he has ever done for me..

and it cost nothing because we already had the tealights…

so boys get your thinking caps on.

Let’s face it though Valentines is a little more for the girls..thanks Hallmark!

It is so hard to think of something to get a man right? top?Valentines is about spoiling us ladies..

Here are a few of my Valenties wishlist..


Oh what I would give to own a Lulu Guinness lips clutch.

Avalible on Asos here


The Dragon Lady Vivieann Westwood sling backs from Mellisa, you might have caught my post on them recently…

I am in love!


I am heartbroken this skirt is sold out in Pink on Asos

I look for it everyday in the hope it comes back in stock in my size…


A cannon camera

Anyone will do so I can take nice pictures for my blog…


This super cute floral playsuit from Missguided has my name all over it…

Avalible here

Oh a girl can dream..




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