The Midi Skirt Edit

April 18, 2014

20140414-184941.jpgA highly covetable must have trend this season is the Midi skirt. It would be impossible to deny the immediate mood enhancing effect of the midi skirt. It has a beautiful voluminous full skirt that grasps you with its contiguous feeling of fun, and makes you want to break into an impromptu twirling session. 20140414-203833.jpgThis season the 50’s look of the midi skirt has found resonance with fashion designers, trend setters and has made a resounding comeback. Designers and the fashion squad have borrowed from 50’s Hollywood fashion by combining the midi silhouette with vibrant hue’s which translates into a dazzling modern trend.20140414-203839.jpgThe Midi skirt of the 50’s so named, as it traditionally fell on the widest part of the calf between the knee and the ankle at mid length. Thus marking the beginning of elegant prim silhouettes designed to flatter the feminine frame.20140414-203846.jpgThe full dramatic shape of the midi skirt showcased in 1947. Christian Dior’s ‘Corelle Collection’ marked the ‘new look’ as it moved away from the economical military boxy silhouette of the era.20140414-203857.jpgThe reincarnation of mid century midi skirt took the fashion world by storm. This latest aesthetic provides a new movement in sartorial splendor and multinational fashion. The midi is available in a series of different lengths and fabrics creating a silhouette that oozes oomph and femininity. The midi highlights and flatters the feminine figure.20140414-203905.jpgI advise opting for a high waited, full skirt with floaty layering detail for a beautiful feminine feel. The full skirt provides the ultimate juxtaposition of playful and youthful as it swirls into a circle.20140414-203918.jpgModernise the midi by coordinating your skirt with a witty statement t-shirt. Opt for a crop statement top for a quirky 21st century look.


Alternatively combine your midi skirt with something totally unique to rock your own fashiony take on the midi and fuse 50’s glamour to create a futuristic look everyone will be envious of.20140414-204017.jpgAccessorize with a pair of cat eye sunglasses to complete your 50’s glamour look. Create a mid century feminine chic outfit with a nod to the nonchalance of Hollywood glamour by adding a seductive red lip.20140414-204217.jpgI have combined some of my favourite looks of the midi skirt to provide a variety of ideas on how versatile this skirt really is. The midi can be worn from day to night. Although traditionally of the more formal nature the midi it the ultimate must have wardrobe item as it can be worn in a multitude of different ways for every occasion.20140414-204224.jpgWhy not try colour blocking a full skirt with a vibrant hue reminiscent of the 50’s. Add a monochrome stripey top to add a fun feminine feel. 20140414-204230.jpg

20140414-204557.jpgPersonally I love the floral print midi as it is perfect to wear with a crisp white collared shirt and pumps. This creates an ultra modern office look. Try a fitted embellished or structured top for a perfect edgy wedding chic outfit.20140414-204615.jpgThe possibilities of how to wear this season must have item are endless. Undoubtedly the midi will be a wardrobe staple for those of us that are time poor but want to look glamoursly amazing. The timeless midi skirt will be your go to wardrobe stable for years to come. So there is no need to justify your spend. The 50’s predecessors would be enviable of you looking like the epitome of sartorial chic in your midi skirt.20140414-204625.jpg

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