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Witty | Slogan Top
April 26, 2014


Let your t-shirt do the talking. Make a statement this season without having to utter a word with a witty statement or slogan top.


Say it loud! Say it Proud! The novelty slogan top has evolved into a trend that embraces witty words, phrases and slogans. Typography ,once again, has exploded with attitude filled comments, self referencing and clever word plays. Humorous puns and ironic messages have brought this trend to life. Whether for political reasons, self motivation, novelty or just to grab attention, this trend is destined to get you talking.20140728-141320.jpgLast year saw the reincarnation of the statement top and shows no signs of retreating in 2014. Slogan tops have been revived and reinvented since the 1960’s. So what is so attractive about a splashing typography across your t-shirt? This season it’s all about having fun and embracing the novelty aesthetic of getting your voice heard with out having to say anything.20140728-141329.jpg

20140728-141334.jpgBrand advocacy of the 90’s saw the rise of garments em-blazed with brand names, Nike, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, resulting in market saturation, this undoubtedly devalued brands due to the rise of fakes. Today’s version of the quirky slogan tee is some what mocking of brands ‘Celfie’, ‘Totes Jel Of My Chanel’, ‘Coco Made me Do it’.Slogan’s such as ‘I woke up like this’ is sartorially ironic because of course you didn’t wake up in a full face of make up, perfect curly blow dried hair and a killer outfit, I WISH!






The great thing about this trend is “the fun element”, you can choose what you want your top to convey. It can be true to your personality or the complete opposite, the option is yours and will look super cool either way.. I opted for the Oui Oui pink crop jumper from Supre simply because I liked it and it was Pink.  My Partier top is a little more fun, elegant, chic due to the typography and scroll. Style your statement top with boyfriend jeans for a relaxed look or a midi skirt for a sartorially chic 21st look.How will you wear your statement top?

Want to see more ideas on how to style the slogan top? check out my Pinterest board.

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