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April 20, 2014

DBDelighted,  I am finally able to reveal my new website! Isnt it pretty? I think everyone will agree it `s very ‘ME’ as it has a subtle pink theme! I started blogging just under a year ago with a simple blog. I didn’t have a  clear goal in my head and decided to ‘just start’ blogging. I knew I wanted to write and blog about fashion,  as a way  to share my love of the satorial world of fashion.  Since moving  to Australia six months ago i`ve had a lot more time to do what I like to do , fashion in every sense.


When I started blogging I didn’t know anything about it. There was no ‘how to start a blog’ guide to refer to. I navigated my way through,  trial and error. It wasn’t until I attened my first beginners blogging course a few months ago, that I realised that I had figured out pretty much 80% myself, but,  I still felt I  needed to attend a course to know if I was doing it right! After a few more blogging courses and an ispirational talk, from Pro Blogger Darren Rowse, I found my way.


I decided to take my blog to the next level, introducing my new amazing website as the result. I invested in the help of successful  and experienced writers and bloggers , Kelly Exeter and Amanda Kendle. These pro-bloggers have been istrumental in guiding me in the right direction.They and others have been so kind sharing there knowledge and expertise with me. With their help and guidance I am now able to show you my lovely new website, which,  will be as always fashion focused in showcasing new trends, fashion and style. I will also be incorporating extra sections into the website,such as, a guide to living and working abroaddaily musings, fitness, beautytravel, and much more. I would like to say a huge thank you to all my followers and hope you enjoy my new venture.

20140718-171255.jpgMy new website is dynamic and responsive which means you will be able to access my site from your smart phone or tablet. So no need to miss out!For your front row pass to all fashion and lifestyle news,sign up for my newsletter.

Please,  get in contact if you have any suggestions for me! After all, this site would be nothing without all you lovely followers.



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  1. Dem!

    Hey gal! Your site ROCKS! You clearly have some mad web design skills! Let’s meet for coffee k! Cheers, Di! PS! My bestie in Vancouver is from Ireland!

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