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June 2, 2014

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Welcome to my new fitness section on

Fitness is a big part of my life. I’ve always been a very active person and enjoy nothing more than a killer workout session. I am also VERY competitive, which I have managed to channel into being competitive with myself when running. Over the past few years I have mostly been exercising through bootcamp mixed with cross fit classes and running. In the past year I have mainly just focused on running for a number of different reasons. I am pretty good at motivating myself to go running however I definitely stepped it up when training for the HBF run for a reason. I noticed from my own experience of running races if you have something to work towards it motivates you too run further and faster.

I am currently looking into running a half marathon, next to make sure I keep up my current fitness levels. Just before the race I was running on average 10k every second night. I have to say I felt amazing. Subsequently I noticed a huge change in my mood, I was happier in myself and my body, I was sleeping better. Yes I felt tired but it was a ‘good’ tired rater than a lazy enduced tiredness. I used to run most nights and especially love HIT, high intensity training. Sometimes I use HIT to break up my workout so my body doesn’t get into a routine.There are so many reason why I love and hate running. Which I will get into another time. Today I just wanted to tell you about these amazing under armour running leggings.

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I have tried a range of running leggings over the years. Adidas, Nike you name it I have tried it. There are a few simple things I need in a pair of running leggings.

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1: The material, you need to have good quality leggings that absorb or filter the sweat when your running. It is very uncomfortable to run when you don’t have the proper running leggings.

2: A pocket,this for me is a deal breaker. I often run with my phone as I time my run with a fantastic app called “map my run”. I don’t like running with a band on my arm so instead I always put my phone in my pocket. A pocket is very handy for keys and tissues. I always bring tissues with me when running. For me a pocket is probably the most important feature.

3:Staying put power. An issue I personally always seem to have is that my leggings won’t stay up on my waist, I often find myself stopping on my run to pull up my leggings, yes very silly I know but this really boils my blood when I am running and is extremely aggravating when you are timing yourself.

4:Calf stretch. Probably not the most important but as I have MASSIVE calves from running it is important for me. So stretch around the calves is always an added bonus.

under armour fitness running leggings

The Under Armour leggings have it all. I didn’t even buy them. My boyfriend picked them out for me in Rebel Sports and I am so impressed with him and my new running Capri’s. They are on the pricey side but believe me they are well worth it, they feel like silk next to your skin. The Under Armour leggings have a nice discreet pocket on the waist line and most importantly they stay up when I am running.They have a stretch armourvent insert on the back of the leg for your calf.

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I honestly can’t praise these under armour leggings enough, I’m just sorry I never got them before.I hope you like my new fitness feature and please get in touch if you would like any more information on running or fitness.

My exact pair of running Capri’s are HeatGear, with ArmourVent. Shop below.






  • Womens HeatGear ArmourVent Capri

    Womens HeatGear ArmourVent Capri

  • Womens UA StudioLux Tight Capri

    Womens UA StudioLux Tight Capri

  • Womens UA StudioLux Tight Capri

    Womens UA StudioLux Tight Capri

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