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What To Wear To Your Christmas Work Party

11 December, 2014


In the sack agent mystery case

I am delighted to be an official  In The Sack blogger for Agent Mystery Case. The silly season is upon us and this year I have two Christmas work parties on consecutive Friday’s. Every year I find myself in the same situation wondering what to wear to my Christmas work party.

Depending on what type of  party you are having I have put together a selection of options ranging from ball gowns for those lucky enough to have a black tie Christmas party to cocktail dresses and of course something you can wear many times more.

Attending your Christmas work party can often be fraught with debate with whether to enjoy a few festive drinks with your colleagues. I find everyone is rather cautious attending work functions when alcohol is involved. As you hope one or two festive drinks doesn’t end up making you THAT PERSON that acts inappropriately and can’t show their face in work on Monday. I suggest making sure you know the one that is one too many and avoid telling your boss how much you hate them.

Preparing Your Body

This year I decided that I would enjoy my work party and spent 9 days before hand prepping for the occassion with the amazing Forever Living Aloe Vera Clean 9 detox. This is a nine-day detox where I followed a strict diet of drinking Aloe Vera juice and clean eating. I will be doing a full review of  this wonderful detox next. By doing the detox, I ensured I felt fabulous when my work party day finally arrived. My dress fit perfectly,I wasn’t body conscious which I often feel at functions. I also felt radiant and was able to thoroughly enjoy my night feeling super confident in my own skin.


Two days before my Christmas work party I booked in to get a spray tan. There is nothing worse than trying to tan yourself the morning of your work function, especially if you are heading out straight after work. In order to avoid this situation I booked  a spray tan appointment and ensured I was bronzed and glowing for the night. I suggest getting your tan at least a day before as your tan generally can look a little too brown the day after and looks it’s best on the second day.  The key to successful tanning is exfoliating the night before your tan or in my case I exfoliated two days before and the night before. Moisturising is is the key to making sure you get an even tan on application. To keep your tan looking healthy continue to moisturise. I have managed to keep my tan for up to a week after by moisturising alone.

I also booked an appointment to have my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted. It is always good to put a little extra effort into preparing, believe me you will feel a thousand times more glamours knowing you look your best. A pedicure and manicure is also a huge time saver. I normally decide to paint my nails as I am heading out the door and I end up with disgusting smudged nails. Believe me this is not a good look on anyone.


I love getting a fresh cut for Christmas and this year I decided rather than getting my hair cut a day or two before I booked an appointment for a week before. It always takes me a few days to get used to my new cut. Generally I hate how much has been cut off so to avoid crying the night before your function book your hair appointment in advance.

What To Wear

Now for what to wear. In the end, I decided to shop from my wardrobe. I have so many nice pieces in my wardrobe but as I rarely go out on a big night out anymore, I decided to take full advantage of items already lining my closet. Normally I would take any opportunity to purchase a new outfit so instead I decided to spend my money on tan, hair and nails. I have put together a selection of outfits below to suit everyone’s work attire needs and remember too much cleavage or leg is not appropriate use unique details instead to put your best foot forward.

Lady In Red

What to wear to your Christmas work party

Topshop (left)  Red Lace Dress // Asos( middle) Red Carpet Dress // Asos (top right) Midi Dress // Asos Love Moschino Crystal Heart Bag // Topshop Red Off The Shoulder Bodycon Dress // Asos Happy Go lucky Heel

Lady in red wants to make an impact the minute she steps through the door. Heads will turn in these festive dresses. Add a touch of sparkle with quirky accessories.


What to wear to your Christmas work partyAsos (top left)  Red Carpet Origami Dress // Asos (middle) Princess Cluster Maxi //  Asos (top left) Wrap Front Midi Dress // Asos (bottom right) Embellished crop Top Skater Dress // Oasis Georgia sparkle Two Part Court // Forever New Zoe Embellished Shift Dress

Princess is for the lady that wants to shimmer in neutrals and natural beauty while making a statement. These nude pieces are perfect to wear for future occasions such as a wedding too.


What to wear to your Christmas work party

River Island (Top Left)  All Over Sequin Maxi Dress // Asos (middle) Sequin Kimono // Aldo Perfume Frame Bag  // Lipstick Boutique (top right) Strapless Sequin Maxi Dress // Asos (bottom right) Payback Shoe Boots // TFNC Bodycon sequin Dress

Showstopper is for the girl who wants to stand out from the crowd sparkling from head to toe and outshine everyone else in the room. Believe me heads will turn in one of these sartorially festive dresses.

Snow White

What to wear to your Christmas party

Asos (top left) Flutter Sleeve Skater Dress // New Look Precious Beaded Box Clutch //  TFNC (middle)  Maxi Dress // Asos (bottom right) All Over Sequin Dress // Asos Harlequin Heeled Sandel // Asos Drape Back Midi Dress 

Snow white is for the angelic lady in all of us. Metalic hints combined with white adds the perfect touch of festive glitter for your Christmas work party.


Glamour Girl

What to wear to your Christmas work party

Asos (top left) Embellished crop Top Skater Dress // Asos (middle) Fluff Metalic Bandeau Dress // Asos Head Or Tails Sandals // Asos Wrap front Midi Dress 

Glamour girl is for the fun-loving girl who wants to stand out in classic black with hints of unique detailing that will catch the eye. Shimmer in these dresses that can also double up as a go-to wardrobe stable.

I’m linking up with Mystery Case, hope you get a chance to check out the other 11 bloggers blogging – here they are for your enjoyment!

Head over to Agent Mystery Case and check out all the wonderful giveaways she has on offer this fun festive season. I hope you have a very merry and glamourous Christmas. Please post pictures of your Christmas work party outfits by using the hashtag #festiveworkpartyoutfit looking forward to seeing your outfit.
Vicki Thompson The Fashionable Mum

13 Comments on In The Sack | What To Wear To Your Christmas Work Party

  1. Some fabulous dress picks, Demelza! I love all the nude pink ones, just gorgeous.

    I also love the idea of your hashtag, if I were actually going to a Xmas party I’d use it, haha!

    oh and ps, you missed me off your list of In The Sack

  2. Adore the showstopper dresses!! However for the functions I actually have invites too the red dresses are spot on – I just need to get invited somewhere fabulous to wear one of those gold frocks too!

    • Thank you Natasha, I adore the showstoppers too. I just wish I had a fancy function so I could to wear it. Thanks for reading x

    • Thanks for letting me be a part of it Raychael. I think I might have to purchase the stunning Asos Sequin Kimono dress even if it’s just to wear around the house 🙂

  3. I looove the Zoe Embellished Shift Dress <3 gorgeous! I don't have a Christmas work party to attend but I could wear this anywhere! LOVE the price too!

    • Thank you Lynsey, The Zoe embellished dress is available in Forever New and would be perfect to pull out for a few different occassions, I would love it too. Thanks for reading x

  4. Wowzers! You go to a whole lot of trouble for your Christmas party… our work party was cancelled due to lack of interest which was really disappointing.

    • Hi Zita, that’s disappointing it’s great to have an excuse to get dressed up and party. Thanks for reading hope you have a lovely Christmas x

    • Hi Vicki, thanks for reading I love the show stoppers too, I would love to have them even just to hang in my wardrobe and dance around my room in x

  5. I love your red collection. I would wear red to a Christmas party. We are having a small luncheon at our local hotel next week, so I will be wearing a casual red dress with trimmings like my Christmas bauble earrings and necklace.

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