Pure Glow Cleanse

3 Day Detox Review


Pure glow Cleanse 3 day detox

We have all heard by now that to feel healthy on the outside, you must first nourish the inside and after completing the Pure Glow Cleanse 3 Day Detox I have realised that this couldn’t be more true.

Perth based Pure Glow Cleanse understands that your body deserves the best and have designed a detox that nourishes you from the inside out. Pure Glow is a three-day juice cleanse and a comprehensive wellness experience that encourages you to commit to small habit changes each day. These small changes will lead to longer lasting results that help you achieve your glow and keep glowing long after the detox finishes.

Pure Glow Cleanse 3 Day detox

Made using the best cold pressed equipment in the world Pure Glow Cleanse are cold pressed juices, smoothies and nut milks that are nutrient-dense, filling drinks packed with glowing goodness that power your body with an enviable does of energy designed for the modern lifestyle.

The detox is comprised of 6 daily juices that you sip at regular intervals over the course of the three days. For ease of use the juices are conveniently numbered 1 through 6 and are packaged in cute reusable glass jars. Each colourful juice is a generous portion size and infused with live, raw ingredients that assist in beating that lethargic feeling and get you glowing from within by removing nasty toxins from your body.

Pure glow Cleanse 3 day detox

What is a Detox?

A detox, in essence, aims to remove environmental and dietary toxins from the body. The purpose of any detox plan is to take the load off the organs that detoxify the body – the liver, kidneys and bowel – while at the same time supporting and improving their performance. Pure Glow Cleanse directly delivers live food to the body that makes you feel alive and bursting with energy, making your organs glow from within.

Pure Glow Cleanse 3 Day Detox

I was delighted when Annette contacted me about reviewing Pure Glow Cleanse. The juices look tasty and now that I have completed the detox I can confirm they taste as good as they look. My motivation for taking the cleanse was not purely weight driven, however, that, of course, is an added bonus of the detox.

Before Christmas, I was feeling a little sluggish, lethargic and lacking in energy. I had let my fitness slip and lost my motivation to exercise, arriving home from work getting on my runners and hitting the pavement was the last thing I felt like doing.

With the new year fast approaching and an action-packed festive season ahead I welcomed the opportunity to get glowing  and I thought this would be the perfect time to get back on track before the festive indulgences. I also embraced the opportunity to end 2014 on a glowing note and create healthy eating habits for 2015.

As my dad was travelling over from Ireland and I knew there would be the potential of excess eating ahead. I hoped the detox would potentially curtail excessive eating and help me to choose healthier food options.



It is advised prior to starting the detox to eliminate or reduce coffee, alcohol, meat and dairy for a few days before the cleanse to make sure you prepare your body and achieve the best long lasting results. I have to admit I rarely drink coffee or alcohol anyway so the idea of having no caffeine didn’t bother me. However, I did slightly reduce my dairy and meat intake as it is recommended for the most enjoyable experience possible. This way your body is all ready to go by the time you pick up your juices.

Pure glow Cleanse 3 day detox

I have to admit I am a sucker for smart packaging and I loved that each juice is uniquely packaged and named to suit its contents.


Juice 1

The Sunrise Elixer was the perfect citrus drink to start off my cleanse. A unique combination of Lemon, Cucumber, Aloe and filtered water the Sunrise Elixer is light and fresh with a citrus taste balanced with the cool soothing cucumber and aloe. I have since introduced aloe vera into my everyday diet as is a superfood that assists digestion, cures acid reflux and promotes nutrient absorption. It’s great for healing digestive issues, but also super for people without issues too.

Pure glow Cleanse 3 day detoxPure Glow Cleanse 3 Day detox

Juice 2

Glowing Greens is fibre packed juice cold-pressed from fruit and vegetables Kale, Cos, Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Pear, Avocado, parsley and Lemon. Heavy in body and chunky in texture with a smooth creamy after taste. This nutrient dense juice is a meal in a glass leaving you fuelled up and ready to take on the world.

Pure glow Cleanse 3 day detox


Juice 3

Green Guru is full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Green in colour this juice is comprised of Kale, Cos, Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Mint and lemon. Lighter in body than the chunky Glowing Greens juice but strong in flavour with a delicious lemon zing after taste.


Juice 4

One of my favourite juices on the cleanse Good Karma enhances your complexion, lowers cholesterol and detoxifies your liver, and is also an amazing boost to your immune system. Made from Carrot, Lemon, Green Apple, Ginger, Turmeric and Grapefruit this juice is delicious on the palette.


Juice 5

Budda Juice is a refreshing cocktail juice made from Cucumber, Green Apple, Mint and Lime. This juice is designed to carb pesky cravings. I loved that the cooling cucumber balanced the fruity flavour of the apple and lime.


Juice 6

Chai Vanilla Dream is deliciously divine this juice has a beautifully creamy texture that I could sip on all day. This signature nut milk is packed with protein and boasts a delicious vanilla chai flavour that is a unique blend of Almond, Brazil Nut, Cashew, Medjool Date, Chai Spice, Vanilla and Filtered water. Originally I was hesitant to try this juice purely because I am not a lover of Almond nuts but after one sip I was hooked and could happily drink this rich nut milk every day. This is the ideal juice to finish a day of detoxing.


Day One

Day one of my cleanse and I was up early and ready to get detoxing. My dad had just arrived from Ireland the previous day and happily it was my last day at work before the Christmas break. I was really excited to start the cleanse and looking forward to ridding my body of any nasty build-up of toxins.  I was also really keen to try all the different juice flavours. My first e-mail arrived from Pure Glow Cleanse and advised me of what I could expect from the day ahead which I found added a lovely personal touch to the detox experience.


My first juice, the Sunrise Elixir was the perfect lemon kick to start the day. Light in body, this juice packs a punch, citrus in flavour it was the perfect hydrant to start the detoxing process. As Pure Glow Cleanse is designed to let you continue your daily life and glow while you do it, I set off for work my lunch box packed with 3 more juices.

Although heavy to haul into work I made sure they were kept chilled for the journey, it was great not having to make my lunch that day as all the thinking and preparation was done for me.

In work we had a festive spread for lunch packed with an assortment of sugary delights and sweet treats. I happily sipped my second juice-Glowing Greens and avoided the tempting cakes and pastries. It felt great saying no to the cakes and sweets and I was determined not to give in.

I learnt from this experience that I could happily be around sweets and treats and avoid temptation, easier than I had thought. As the lunch winded down and I returned to my desk I was still sipping on my juice, I have to admit I was starting to struggle to finish it. Heavy in consistency and packed with flavour it was easy on the palette and smooth in texture.

Pure Glow Cleanse three day detox

I was advised in my daily e-mail support to sip a juice every two hours, but as the juices are very generous in portion size it nearly took me two hours to finish a whole jar. By the time, I was finished the Glowing Greens juice it was time for my third. I was still overly full from the second juice that I couldn’t even think about starting another just yet so I waited an hour before tucking into my third juice. Which I also struggled to finish. I was starting to miss biting into food at this stage but only a little.


On day one I found it hard to finish each juice within the two hours and felt like I need a longer break than recommended. I enjoyed the flavour of the juices and I could start to feel the benefits. I finally managed to finish my last juice at around 8 o clock that night which left me feeling full and ready to take  on the next day of detoxing.

For the most part, I enjoyed the juices and didn’t suffer any headaches. I probably could of drank more water, but I definitely felt like I had enough fluid intake for the day. For dinner, I sat in Grilled with my dad and my partner and ate nothing and only drank a bottle of water. I didn’t feel like I was missing out and I wasn’t hungry, even though, the wafting burger smell was enticing. I didn’t feel like I needed to drink any herbal teas but I would of loved a normal cup of tea with milk as everything is chilled it would have been nice to break up the day with a warm drink.


Day Two

I successfully made it through day one and my daily e-mail from Pure Glow cleanse arrived and prepared me for what I might experience on day 2 now that my body may be starting to divert it’s energy from digestion and instead using it to process some of those long-held toxins. I found the daily e-mail support during the detox extremely helpful and I didn’t  feel like I was on my own. It also encouraged me to stay positive throughout the process.

Pure glow Cleanse

Day two of my cleanse and I was going on a wine cruise around the swan river, unfortunately I booked this before my cleanse. I had my first juice before we left and I brought two juices to have while on the cruise. Day two looking back was a little tougher although with the warm weather I wasn’t craving any nasty treats but would have loved a chilled glass of wine. I stayed strong and even fought my dad and sister off trying to rob one of my juices. After two days I was starting to tire of the acidic taste of juice on my tongue but loved how I was feeling. I sipped each juice and rarely was able to finish the whole jar. I appreciated how each juice provided my with fuel and energy and I didn’t have that sluggish nasty feeling anymore.


Day Three

Day three and I was on the home stretch.I felt like I could conquer the world, the detoxing process was in full swing and I felt fantastic. My skin was bright and radiant, clothes were fitting better and I was happy and confident in my own skin. I had a nice lazy day at the beach and I sailed through without a breeze. I actually thought about continuing juicing for a few days more at this stage as I was brimming with energy and honesty I felt like I was glowing.


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the Pure Glow Cleanse detox. Don’t get me wrong, I did crave food but when I sipped on a refreshing juice the urge dissipated. I loved the clever juice combinations and flavours. The cleanse is designed to minimise fruit so that you avoid a sugar high and I missed my normal watermelon and strawberry juice. I honestly would have loved if one of the juices made from fruit, I craved sweetness and I think it would add a different element to the detox, but I think it might actually hinder the science behind the detoxing process.


Pure Glow Cleanse now offer custom order 6 packs of juice where you can pick and choose what juice you would like for your detox. They also offer e-mail support to keep you glowing long after your cleanse which includes detoxing tips, recipes and organise monthly catch up’s to keep you on your wellness path. Since completing my cleanse Pure Glow have added two new flavours to their menu and you can now also pick and choose which juices you want in your cleanse.


Pure Glow cleanse can be ordered on their website here

A 3-Day Cleanse is $195
A 1-Day Cleanse is $75

The Juices are available for collection for free in North Perth or you can have them delivered to your door for $15.00







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