Urban Couture 2015

Western Australia Graduate Capsule Showcase


Wednesday 18th of March marked the Annual Urban Couture fashion show, featuring a selection of  Western Australia’s most talented fashion design graduates of 2014 hosted by the City of Joondalup.

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The roof of the Lakeside shopping centre car park was transformed into the Urban Couture runway as the fashion elite flocked to peruses a selection of WA designers imaginative designs.

Before the show, guests were treated to a champagne meet and greet reception followed by a brief Q&A session with this year’s Urban Couture’s ambassador Jaime Lee Major. Specialising in  bespoke handmade embellished demi-couture evening wear, performance pieces and costumes, the majority of Jaime Lee’s designs are worn at high profile, red carpet events. Major’s client list boasts international celebrities, Lady Gaga, Rhianna and Kimbra.

A selection of Jaime Lee’s demi-couture dresses were beautiful modelled on the night. Guests  marveled over the designs including THAT dress worn by Lady Gaga! The intricate bead work and detailing that goes into one of these designs is simply breath taking. Major’s work pushes the sartorial boundaries of ‘fashion’ and transcends into art.

Major candidly spoke about her work as a designer and the challenges she has faced since perusing her career in fashion industry. Crediting social media exposure as being invaluable in her rise to success, making her designs accessible internationally.

Jaime Lee explained how Urban Couture is an excellent program bringing support and a sense of community to emerging creatives. Whether they launch their own business or join an existing company, she feels it is highly important for young designers to have an established framework for support as they move into the fashion industry.

The rooftop venue created an urban chic vibe while the designs  from the graduates burst with originality, creativity and limitless possibilities. These 8 young design visionaries are destined for long careers in the fashion industry. Each designer has a unique aesthetic  and has honed their creativity in their field across different disciplines including textile design and knitwear.

The audience was captivated by the talent showcased on the night and I think everyone can agree the future of WA  fashion is bright.

I have featured a selection images from the designers Rosemaree White, Sheona Cowden, Jessica Moro, San Cora (Susan Tran), Vidhi Dudhia, Jayde Christie, Shreeja Rajan and Charissa Schlink.

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