Crawley Edge Boatshed Perth

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Boohoo Dress // Boater Hat // Boohoo Coat

After living in Perth, a few months shy of two years (where has the time gone!) I finally visited Perth iconic Crawley Edge boatshed. The blue boatshed is a well-recognised landmark and frequently photographed site in Crawley that sits prominently on the banks of the Swan River in Perth. A hot spot among tourist and locals alike, the boatshed has long been on my ‘to do list’.Comprised of a cute blue timber structure sitting out on the river the boatshed has a beautiful calming presence.

I was recently asked by Boohoo to style a winter inspired outfit for under $120. A challenge you might think but not with Boohoo. I shop with them regularly as they offer a range of high fashion, on-trend pieces at a fraction of the cost. I love to combine my more expensive clothes with affordable on-trend styles to get the most out of my wardrobe.

As it was my birthday when we went to visit the boatshed I decided to wear this beautiful Boohoo boutique embroidered mesh prom dress I had picked. If you follow me on Instagram, you will be aware of my love for timeless elegant dresses. This dress is so pretty and perfect option for an occasion like a first date or a wedding.The bodice is very simple while the tulle skirt boasts embroidered flowers that provide a uber feminine silhouette, offering just the right amount of romantic femininity. I also chose this gorgeous cream belted shawl-collar coat, which has a lovely porcelain finish. It boasts an understated elegance and ideal for winter in Perth. It is also available in a few different colours if you shy away from creams and whites.

Have you been to visit the boatshed or bought from Boohoo? I would love to see your photo’s, share with me on Instagram @demelzabuckleyfashion. I am also on snapchat, which is fast becoming one of my favourite social media channels, it’s insanely addicting, very amusing and downright fun. My favourite thing about snapchat is that it’s an easy way for me to communicate with you and you get to see the real me that isn’t planned or staged like some social media channels. You can follow me user name (demelzabuckley) and check out what I get up to.


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  1. Wow, you look amazing! I’ve driven past the boat shed hundreds of times but have only visited once at night. I definitely need to visit it again during the day light though. It looks beautiful.

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