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Small, light and powerful Dyson has reinvented how to tackle dirt big and small with the V6 Absolute, the most powerful cordless vacuum. I have reached that age in life now when I prioritise investing in house hold appliances such as a fridge, vacuum cleaner and washing machine that will stand the test of time rather than quick fixes. As vacuums cleaners go, Dyson is top tier. When I was asked to review the V6 I jumped at the opportunity to try out Dyson’s dust fighting technology for myself.


Dyson is synonymous with innovative design and advancements in technology. As you may know from my Volvo review as a designer I appreciate good design that works. Dyson has evolved to become the world’s leading vacuum technology. Dyson engineers are all about invention and improvement and that is realised in the Dyson V6 digital motor that uses cyclone technology to capture fine dust. The power- dense V6 digital pulse technology combined with a neodymium magnet spin at up to 110,000 times a minute. Its small size means that the machines it powers can also be small, light and powerful and above all quick and easy to use taking the stress out of cleaning. I can pick up the vacuum and have the entire kitchen dining area and living room cleaned in record time.


Time poor from working full-time, blogging, working out as much as I can and attempting to keep a tidy house can often leave me exhausted. Uninterested in completing mundane house hold tasks I often end up procrastinating vacuuming, washing and cleaning with a cup of tea on the sofa. I take my hat off to full time working mums that manage to work and keep on top of everything. Typically once I get home from another gruelling bootcamp session and served up a culinary masterpiece for dinner ( did I mention I hate cooking), when I finally manage to sit down my energy levels drop so low I struggle to make my way from the sofa to my bed. If you can relate the Dyson V6 is going to change your life too.


An untidy house with a lived-in feel I can deal with for a day or two until the crazy clean freak inside me gets around to folding away the laundry stack and putting the dishes left on the draining board into the cupboard. But the dust and debris around the house I loathe. I like my house to be clean and tidy but most of all dust free, however, I don’t enjoy the cleaning process! I wish I could just snap my figures and poof everything could just be neat and tidy. Personally I strive to have everything in its place so I like to do a robust clean at least once a week, usually on Friday.But, when the time comes, the thought of dragging out a cumbersome vacuum has sometimes left me opting to chill out on the sofa to relax and unwind and putting off cleaning to later in the weekend. Does this situation resonate with you?


During the week, I find the living room, kitchen floor and dining areas pick up the most dirt from thoroughfare due to its open plan layout. General dirt builds up around the house particularly on my cream carpet from shoes from daily living. Have you ever vacuumed thinking your house was clean and then noticed the amount of dust and debris that has filled the hoover bag, in particular, microscopic dirt and dust not visible to the naked eye? Where does that dust come from? I also suffer from asthma therefore, it is essential I live in a dust-mite free environment. Dust mites are too small to be visible to the human eye and they thrive in humid climates which means I really need to be more enthusiastic about getting rid of them from my home.


The Dyson Absolute has helped me to change my cleaning habits for the better. In the past as I mentioned I would do a thorough house clean on a Friday, but now I can pick up the Dyson V6 easily from its docking station. This ensures I keep on top of that dust and micro fibres as it is light and easy to use with interchangeable reinvented cleaner heads.Dyson has entirely reinvented the cleaner head and it picks up large debris and fine dust all at once, which I use for the kitchen floor before I mop and general living areas. With no cord, I now enjoy cleaning because it is quick and easy.


The handheld motor is easy to use for counter tops and convenient for small spills like makeup compacts with pigments that if not cleaned up quickly can permanently mark carpet. It can also be used for coverage of larger areas by conveniently changing the cleaner heads. Direct- drive cleaner head drives bristles deeper into the carpet and enables smooth movement across floor types to remove even more dirt which would be particularly useful with kids running around grinding tough stains further into carpet fibres.


It’s hard to believe that the Dyson V6 highly efficient post motor filter expels air cleaner than the air you breath as the HEPA filtration captures allergens compared to normal ordinary vacuum cleaners that might simply rearrange dirt. HEPA Filtration ensures indoor air pollution you are unaware of and living in daily that can irritate your lungs and contribute to asthma and allergies are removed fully.


I love knowing that every time I pick up the Dyson I can be confident that thanks to the cyclone technology those pesky dust mites are history. I can even reach cobwebs from hard to reach places around the home as the V6 easily converts to clean from floor to the ceiling and to a handheld for everything in between.


Combined with a convenient docking station that stores and charges the machine when not in use means the vacuum is always powered up and ready to go when I need it. Another thing I love is how easy it is to empty, in the past, I have put off changing a hoover bag but the V6 is complete with easy to empty hygienic bin, just one press the button to release the dirt – quickly and hygienically.

IMG_8720 IMG_8723

Battery operated with up to 20-minutes fade free suction Dyson V6 hand stick machine has a trigger grip that releases instantly, so battery power is only used for cleaning. Once I am finished the Dyson goes back on charge and is ready to dust bust another day.


Retailing at $899.99 the Dyson V6 is worth every penny and it comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty. Thanks to Dyson’s amazing technology I am confident knowing I am living in a healthier environment.


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  1. I’ve reviewed tons of vacuums, and this is one I have yet to even try. I’m glad I found your site. Awesome images too, super high quality! I’ll have to end up trying one down at the mall.

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