Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

Phuong My

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Vietnamese designer Phuong My mesmerised the audience at her highly anticipated Perth Telstra Perth Fashion Festival debut on Friday night. Phuong My launched her first collection in 2013 and has since drawn unanimous acclaim for her feminine sculptural designs that adorn the female form.

Synonymous for elegant designs Phuong My’s show features 46 pieces from the young designer’s Spring Summer 2015/2016 collection. Phuong My has honed her skills as a master crafts women draping fabric to accentuate the female form. Her ability to manipulate beautiful fabric to define the female silhouette is unparalleled yet her designs remain soft and wistful on the eye and evokes a romantic nostalgia.

The runway was beautifully set with rose petals perfectly placed in geometric shapes against a black runway. Adding structure to the rose petals that should naturally fall echoes My’s signature style of adding symmetry and form.

Singer, model and fashion designer Eva Scolaro’s opened the show, with timeless jazz classic’s. Her voice permeated the room as everyone sat still as they were transfixed by her elegant vocals. The lights went up to reveal Scolaro’s wearing a floor-length green dress from the collection.

The models then glided down the jet black runway as if they were walking into a dark night full of hope and the promise of romance. Everyone in the room was transported to another time where elegance and femininity rained.

Phuong My’s designs featured striking silhouettes and are made from exclusive luxury fabrics. The designs of Phuong My embrace and emphasise the feminine frame through draping fabric to create strong lines. Floor length gowns wowed the crowd at Fashion Paramount, incorporating flirty peplums and voluminous skirts in 3D textiles, pretty pastels in yellow, green and blue. These irresistible colour combinations provide the perfect palette to compliment the gold flake and beading embellishment seen throughout the collection.

Phuong My’s collection embodies a new age romanticism and feminine elegance that has been somehow lost by today’s society. Her designs are an ode to the traditional methods of design as she draws inspiration for her collections from places she visits. Phuong My draft’s her own patterns and cuts the fabric for her collections by herself. This truly is an inspirational collection that personifies new world glamour and exudes femininity.


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