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Kitsch Bar Asis Leederville Perth

Kitsch Bar celebrates traditional Asian culture with a modern twist.

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

Recently I was kindly invited to attend a Yelp Elite dinner at Kitsch. I had never been to Kitsch before, but I swiftly returned  a week later as the food, service and venue get’s my five-star rating. Ideally located on Oxford St, Kitsch is easily accessible by car or a short walk from Leederville train station with ample parking available throughout the suburb. Recently revamped the new menu is designed to share, offering a selection of hawker’s bites and street style options at affordable prices.

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

On arrival, I was impressed by the relaxed atmosphere, cool décor and different seating options available, perfect for groups, couples and special occasions. Boasting an outdoor seating area with trees, quirky hanging features and street art that give this venue its quirky urban edge.

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

Although I do not have a very adventurous palette, often choosing traditional dinner options that lack rich spices and exotic flavours, I do love Thai food so the Asian fusion that Kitsch offers is perfect for me.

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

Sourdough Prawn Toast With Black Sesame & Sriracha Mayo $16.70

For starter, we shared Sourdough Prawn Toast with Black Sesame and Sriracha Mayo. Presented on handpicked crockery to enhance the Kitch dining experience this dish was fresh, and juicy, very tasty, perfect for sharing and went down a treat. Not too heavy this is a great option if you are looking to indulge in a bigger main and make sure you leave room for dessert.

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

Image Yelp Perth / Korean Fried Sweet & Salty Chicken Wings $14.90

Finally a venue that understands how to cook chicken wings, hallelujah! One thing I have found very hard to get right in Perth is chicken wings. Often they arrive flavourless or dry and un- edible. However, at Kitsch the sauce was packed with delicious flavour, the perfect balance of sweet and salty. An ideal sharing plate, a little messy but worth getting your hands dirty for and guaranteed you will be licking your fingers dry.

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

Spiced Corn Fritters With Green Chilli Jam & Coriander Syrup $13.20

One of the main highlights of the menu for me was the spiced corn fritters with green chilli Jam. This dish has since plagued my dreams and honestly the main reason I returned so soon. The fritters were delicious, crispy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside accompanied by the chilli jam. The flavours are unparalleled, offering an explosion of Asian fusion spices the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. I never knew corn fritters could taste so amazing! I had never even tried them before but now that I have there is no going back.

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

Image Yelp Perth / Black Vinegar Braised Lamb Neck With Beans & Eggplant $26.90

For mains we shared a selection of different options from the street plates section which included Black Vinegar Braised Lamb Neck With Beans & Eggplant .The lamb was soft and fell away as it should, perfectly seasoned and cooked beautifully. The whole meal worked as a dish, the flavours were incredible, and the tender meat leaves you wanting more. I could have eaten this entire serving all by myself.

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

Image The Illusive Femme / Crispy Skin Pork Belly With Chilli Caramel & Apple Salad $26.90

Succulent squares of pork belly are glazed with a chilli caramel sauce that adds a sweet crunch to the tender pork. The saccharin caramel topping was very unexpected and added to the crunchy crackling flavour. Grated apple salad defused the sweetness of the sticky caramel adding a warm juicy zing to the overall bite. This meal is a delight on the palette infusing traditional pork and apple with a diverse Asian twist. I also loved the BBQ Szechuan Chicken with corn salsa, coriander and coconut jasmine rice.

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

Image Yelp Perth / BBQ Szechuan Chicken with Corn Salsa & Coriander $24.90

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

Chargrilled Beef Flank Steak with Green Curry Sauce $26.70

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

Image Yelp Perth / Peanut Butter Ice-cream Sandwich with Chocolate & Salty Caramel $8

My top tip when visiting Kitsch, make sure you leave room for dessert because you need to try the Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich with Chocolate and Salty Caramel. Delicious creamy homemade ice cream infused with a layer of salted caramel topped with a crumbly chocolate sandwich. Divine!

Kitsch Bar Asia Leederville Perth

Image Yelp Perth / Fried Banana with Sweet Corn Ice-cream & Popcorn $13.40

We also tasted the Fried Banana with Sweet Corn Ice-cream & Popcorn. A little on the adventurous side this dish sounds very unappealing, sweet corn ice cream? But this unusual combination provides pleasant on the tongue. Punctuated with salty popcorn, the sweet corn flavour is more sweet than salty, perfectly balanced by the texture of the popcorn complemented by fried banana with a delicious crispy shell.

Kitsch offers a range of affordable weekly specials, Pad Thai Tuesday, Wok Wednesday and Top Secret Thursday and if you can’t agree what to have you could always try ‘Lucy Eat’s It All’. Or, if you’re in the market for something a little different why not try the Leederville Food Safari Perth’s only progressive dinner experience offering an urban dining experience commencing at Ria then onto Kitsch and finally Foam for dessert. This is definitely on my to-do list for the coming months.

Have you been to Kitsch before? What’s your favourite dish on the menu?

Happy dining Demelza x

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