As a self-confessed hopeless romantic, I love Valentine’s Day. When you move past the overpriced cards, chocolates and flowers Valentine’s Day symbolises LOVE and brings to the forefront of our minds the love in our lives we should be grateful for every day, not just today.


I know some people are anti-Valentine’s day and I understand why, unfortunately, commercialism has ruined the significance behind the day. But, in today’s political climate with news feeds dominated with messages so full of anger and hatred let’s embrace this day and celebrate love.


Traditionally Valentine’s Day is shared with your significant other, however, regardless of your relationship status we can all share love and kindness with others around us and it’s easier than you think.



‘And if I asked you to name all of the things you love, how long would it take to name yourself?’

This year take some time out to love and appreciate the most important person in your life, YOU. As women, we are too hard on ourselves and often neglect our own needs and feelings. This Valentine’s Day why not take some ‘me’ time and put yourself on top of your priority list and do something you really want to do.


Make A Call

We are always connected with the world around us by our smartphones, but there really is nothing better than hearing someone’s voice. Why not call a loved one or a friend you haven’t talked to in ages and catch up I’m sure they would love to hear from you.


Compliment Someone

If you see something beautiful in someone say it, if someone looks great, tell them, believe me, it will make them smile and feel good about themselves. I love when I get compliments from strangers because you know they are genuine and it always makes me feel good about myself. In the same vein, random asks of kindness go a long way.


Leave Your Phone Behind

Going for dinner this Valentine’s Day? Leave your phone at home and enjoy your significant others company or go for a walk with your friend and completely switch off and be in the moment. By disconnecting and living in the present you will appreciate the nature around you and the persons company you are with.


Ask Someone How They Are

How many time a day do you ask someone how they are out of routine but do you really listen to the answer? I know I am guilty of this gesture of modern pleasantry and I am going to work on really taking the time to engage with the person in the future.


Send Flowers To A Friend

How special do you feel when someone sends you flowers? There are so many great posy companies on the internet now that deliver and are relatively inexpensive, however, worth every penny to make a friend or colleague smile. Another great idea is to throw a galantines party and invite your girlfriends round for a fun night filled with laughs, romantic comedy and of course cheese & wine.


Say ‘I Love You’

You probably say I love you plenty of times on other days throughout the year to your significant other, but sometimes we forget to say it to other important people in our lives. There is no need for a grand gesture, simplistic is just as good if it is heartfelt and sincere.


I hope these tips inspire you to share the true meaning of Valentine’s Day LOVE. I would also love to hear any ideas you have on how we could spread a little more kindness and gratitude around?



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I would like to say a very special thank you to my sister Sandi, who goes along with my crazy ideas to shoot pink heart balloons in front of a pink wall on 37 degree heat days. Without her unwavering belief in my crazy ideas, a lot of the contest I publish on here would never become reality. Thank you, Sandi x


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  1. Awww you are too cute! I absolutely love your photos and you have made some wonderful suggestions for Valentine’s Day.

    Bec | Beauty With Bec

  2. You are the cutest thing! Loving the balloons and all of the pink hehe
    I think I’ll definitely be putting the phone away on valentines and making sure the people close to me feel appreciated – not just my partner! It’s become a day for so much more than partners!
    X Izzy http://www.izzywears.com

  3. Oh i love this post, a great way to think of Valentine’s Day to show and share your love for those in your life. It doesn’t have to be the commercialised version, which i tend to stay away from anyway – a great reminder.

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